Photoshop Gradients

Photoshop gradients are presets on Photoshop to allow designers to create great looking graphics. The use of gradients add depth and color to any designers work. While Photoshop comes with a standard set of Photoshop gradients, there are loads of free gradients available for download. These additional gradients allow designers to add that unique flavor to any design.

  1. Fifteen Realistic Sky Photoshop Gradients. This set of Photoshop gradients is by Danny Tang. There are fifteen sets of gradients to replicate the color of the sky throughout the day. With names like early sunrise to duck sunset, this would be a useful set of gradients for any designer.
  2. iPhone Gradation Set. As the name suggests, this set of Photoshop gradients contain iPhone themed gradients. They consist of unique shades of colors reminiscent of iPhone apps.
  3. Tango Gradients. This gradient has a very zesty set of colors. Comprising of bright and lively colors, color combinations are bound to cheer up any designer’s day.
  4. Emerald Dragon. As the name of this set of Photoshop gradients suggest, it is about all shades of green. There is a choice of 30 shades of emerald to choose from.
  5. Japan Earthquake 2011 Memorial Photoshop Gradients. This set of gradients commemorates the recent Japanese earthquake. Created by Urceola, this set of colors is comprised of red and dark brown tones. This is ideal for a stark design theme.
  6. 60 Awesome Mixed Photoshop Gradients. This is a very interesting set of gradients that consist of a myriad collection of color gradients. While other gradient sets confine their color palettes to themes, this set of gradients dares to mix and match different tones to create a unique collection.
  7. Twelve Yellows and Oranges Photoshop Gradients. Just when you thought you had all the shades of colors for bananas and oranges you need, someone comes up with a newer unique set of colors. This set of gradients just adds to the amazing spectrum of colors that are available on your palette.
  8. Sixteen Shards Of Crayon Photoshop Gradients. Some color combinations just manage to add that extra dimension of texture. This set of Photoshop gradients does just that. The shades of colors mimic the effect of oil based crayons.
  9. Fifteen Mixed Cocktails Drinks Photoshop Gradients. This set of gradients brings the colorful world of cocktail drinks to Photoshop. Using these fifteen gradients may make you yearn for a nice cocktail.
  10. Twenty Cool Summer Photoshop Gradients. This set of twenty gradients brings the colors of summer onto the desktop. Comprised of bright colors presented in a warm tint, this set of colors is a great tool for any designer.
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