Photoshop Lighting Effects

Photoshop lighting effects can truly lead to mesmerizing graphics.  This is why lighting effects are considered to be a very powerful design element.  Lighting effects really can grab your audience’s attention so that you will be able to leave a lasting impression upon them.  Some of the lighting effects that you may wish to use in order to do this include:

  1. Luminescent Lines will allow you to create thin flowing lines that appear to be emitting light.  This is an easy technique for creating lighting effects that looks great whenever you are creating an abstract wallpaper or integrating it into another image.  In order to make it work, you will need to create some custom brushes that you use effectively.  You will also need to use some interesting layer styles.
  2. Advanced Glow Effects creates some really sharp-looking glowing effects.  Using a variety of layer styles, the pen tool and some color blending does this for you.  In the end you will have a very stunning graphic that won’t take you very long at all to create.
  3. Electrifying Energy Beams is a great lighting effect that will energize your subject.  For instance, you can wrap a person’s arm in a glowing beam of light, add sparkles and adjust the colors so that all of it will look quite magical.
  4. Colorful Glowing Text is a great little style effect.  It can easily be integrated into any dark graphic design since it utilizes a variety of different colors.  This will simply add some very upbeat text to the graphic that will look very stunning in the end.
  5. Scanline Text is a great textual effect for beginners that uses reflections.  By using layer styles and a few other tools this lighting effect will give you a glowing effect, which is something that people really seem to love.  Basically the text will glow like bright scanlines but it will also have a great reflection at the same time. 
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