Pick A Water Polo Suit

When trying to decide how to pick a water polo suit there are specific elements to look for before the final choice is made. Water polo is a high endurance sport, and the perfect water polo suit will need to perform with style. Jump in and immerse yourself in this article, and soak up some tips to pick a water polo suit that fits your needs. 

  1. The first consideration to pick a water polo suit is price. Select water polo suit within a price range you can afford. How disappointing is it to find a suit fitting all your criteria, and then learn its price is outside your budget.
  2. The name brand should be the next information piece of the puzzle when picking a water polo suit. A water polo suit bearing the Speedo, TYR, TruWest, Nike, or Turbo brand name gives an added assurance that comes with years of research, design, and quality behind it. The top brands put their name behind their products, and an inferior product could result in a hit to the name cache as well as sales.
  3. A Comfortable, secure fit are other key factors to consider when choosing a water polo suit. If the water polo suit is priced right, the color and fabric is great, but the fit is uncomfortable it could result in a frustrating, and irritating training session, or water polo game. The suit should allow ease of movement whether on offense or defense, and have a snug, secure fit to prevent grabbing and holding on by the opponent.
  4. The fabric of a water polo suit is a key consideration. Water polo players are aquatic athletes that can spend up to six hours a day in the pool, so the fabric of the water polo suit has to be durable, and dries easily. The combination of pool water disinfectants (bromine and chlorine), natural body oils, and body lotions can break down fabric fibers, and prolonged water exposure can fade color. The durable water polo body suit should be able to withstand the effects of prolonged periods in water, and resistant to natural body oils, body lotions, and pool chemicals. 
  5. Styling is also an important factor to consider when choosing a water polo suit. The ladies water polo suit styling should include a zipper, and of course, a tight, but flexible fit. The water polo suit styling for a man should include a drawstring at the waist for an adjustable, secure fit. 

So, the essential elements of picking a water polo suit are price, brand name, comfortable and secure fit, fabric choice, and styling. The perfect water polo suit will not make you the best player in the pool, but it can be an invaluable assist to your game.

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