Pierced Nipples Care

Pierced nipples care require a strong adherence to a cleaning ritual. This is a tough piercing to heal to begin with and can take up to a year to complete. However, the cleaning rituals are well worth the pleasure that is derived from nipple play down the road. You're going to need a few things to take care of pierced, both when they are new and down the road when they are healed.

You will need:

  • Soap of any kind is fine. If a soap stings too much when used, seek one that claims to not have a lot of harsh detergents. Also, do not waste time with a soap that claims to be anti-bacterial. Soap is anti-bacterial in nature so there is no need for anything extra.
  • Frozen vegetables
  • Salt
  • Small paper cup
  • Warm water
  1. Do not keep the piercings covered. It is OK to put some gauze on to absorb any blood or discharge, but take it off as as soon as possible. This is one piercing you do not want anaerobic bacteria to get a foothold. The more air that reaches the site, the less anaerobic bacteria.
  2. The pain responds well to being iced. A bag of frozen peas or rice works nicely as it will form to the body once it softens up a little.
  3. Gently wash the piercings with soap on a daily basis. Once or twice is enough. Keeping them clean is key, but too much cleaning can kill off healthy bacteria. Peel away any crust that has formed as well.
  4. Swish the piercings with saline. Pour water as warm as can be tolerated into the paper cup. Pour a large pinch of salt into the water and swirl it around to dissolve. Put the lip of the cup against your nipple and tip it up to seal the opening onto your piercing. Swish the water around to ensure it gets into the hole. Using saline assists with toughening up the skin in the hole and makes for faster healing.
  5. Turn the jewelry on a regular basis. Do this at least twice a day, more if it can be tolerated. This will keep the piercing from becoming attached to the skin inside the nipple.


If there is any long lasting  and painful inflammation or bloody discharge, see a doctor immediately. This means that the pierced nipple has become infected. Removal is necessary, as well as antibiotics.

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