Pin Bowling Aiming Technique

Pin bowling aiming techniques are simple to remember and easy to master. Understand that aiming depends on the type of ball you throw. This article will give advice for straight bowlers and those with a common simple curve (rotation) to their ball. Aiming properly does not guarantee good bowling. Bowling is a complete game, not just aiming at the pins.

What you will need:

  • Bowling ball
  • Bowling lane
  • Bowling equipment
  1. There are three rules of thumb for aiming in ten pin bowling. Think of the foul line, lane arrows and pin deck. When using the foul line to aim, you will be using the dots just before the beginning of the bowling lane. For bowlers with a straight ball, aim between the center dot and the immediate dot to the left or right depending on which hand you bowl with. For bowlers with a simple curve, you should use the outside dots to help aim. Place your bowling ball between the dot furthest right or left and the dot immediately inward from there.
  2. If you prefer to aim by putting your eyes further up the lane then use the lane arrows. The same aiming rules apply for either straight bowlers or those with a simple curve. Just move your eyes to those arrows and keep them there until after you release the ball. The bowling ball should pass between the arrows that correspond to the same location as on the foul line. Try and keep your eyes on the arrows until after the bowling ball passes over them; this way, you can see if you are aiming correctly and if you need to make adjustments based on where the bowling ball strikes the pins.
  3. The last aiming technique is the hardest. This is using the pin deck area or the bowling ball pins themselves for your aiming. This means you need to look at the pins you want to strike. Keep your eyes on those pins as you approach and through your follow through. The idea is to aim and guide the ball to the impact point on the pins. You should maintain eye contact with the pins until the ball strikes to give you an idea on needed adjustments.
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