Pinching Your Pennies

Learning to pinch your pennies is a worthwhile endeavor. Whether you don't make enough money to support your lifestyle or just want to pad your savings account, there are ways to stretch money further. Try implementing little strategies each day that won't make it feel like a sacrifice. If pinching your pennies cuts a lot into your time and lifestyle, you won't be as likely to keep up with it. Those small changes can make a huge difference.

  1. Shop at local ethnic markets. The type of market available to you depends on your area. Some options are Asian, Hispanic and Middle Eastern stores. The reason this will help you pinch your pennies is produce and spices are notoriously cheaper at ethnic markets. 
  2. Use coupons. Purchase a Sunday paper each week and scour it for coupons. Do not even consider coupons for things you do not eat because it ultimately becomes a waste of money. Visit your local grocery store's website to find coupons. 
  3. Pack your own lunch. One of the best and most common tips when pinching your pennies is to stop buying lunches. Sure it's nice to get some Thai food in the middle of the day, but if you can cook a few of your favorite meals, packing your own lunch can be pleasant. 
  4. Brew your own coffee. Pinching your pennies can result in substantial savings. Make it more fun by getting the best quality coffee beans and grind them yourself. Stock up on delicious creamers and flavored syrups. 
  5. Drink at home. This doesn't mean stop going out with your friends. When pinching your pennies, drink at bars and clubs as little as possible. If you are not driving, try and drink at home before going out. 
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