Places To Find Official Star Wars Collectible Costumes For Sale

If you're looking for places to find official Star Wars collectible costumes for sale, the best place to look is the internet. Sure, many party stores sell costumes during Halloween time, but most of them are cheaply made and do not have all those specific details. When you want an official Star Wars costume for events or conventions, you want to look the part. Official Star Wars collectible costumes are created with the specific details and moving parts included.

  1. Official Star Wars Costumes. As its name suggests, this website is the ultimate choice for finding official Star Wars collectible costumes for sale. They are sold all year long, not just at Halloween time, making this site perfect for Star Wars fans getting ready for a convention. Official Star Wars Costumes sells costumes for kids, babies and adults. You can also find masks and accessories, all officially licensed. Buy an officially licensed Jedi light saber and keep it as a collector's item as well as an accessory to a costume. The costumes vary in price, which is great for those with emptier wallets. For example, the standard Darth Vader costume($39.95) comes with a one-piece jumpsuit with attached "boot tops" and designs printed on the front. It also comes with a plastic mask, cape and belt. Gloves and light saber, as well as any other accessories, are sold separately. The Supreme Darth Vader Costume($624.95) has it all: a light-up chest piece and belt, a mask cast from original Lucas Studios molds, a breathing device, leather pants, two capes, shin guards, armor, gloves, boots and a whole lot more. Prices can be steep, but when you want to look exactly like Chewbacca, you will pay over $300 for that collectible Star Wars furry suit.
  2. This website call itself "the web's most popular costume store." They sell more than just Star Wars costumes, including costumes from TV shows and other movies. Many of the costumes are official Star Wars collectible costumes, but not all of them are. This is great for those who can't afford the official Star Wars items. This site also has a large selection of sexy outfits, including Queen Amidala and Princess Leia, which are fun regardless of whether or not they are officially licensed Star Wars costumes. Prices vary, but their official costumes seem to cost slightly more than the Official Star Wars Costume website. For example, the Supreme Darth Vader costume costs $700 here, and the Chewbacca official collectible costume costs $450. This website might not be for those who want the official Star Wars collectible costumes, because Official Star Wars Costumes has the best selection. Visit this site if you just realized you can't afford the official Star Wars costumes and want something cheaper that still looks great.


Official Star Wars Costumes

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