Places To Meet Intelligent Women

A lot of guys struggle to figure out places to meet intelligent women. You've probably tried the coffee shops, museums, and more, but still haven't found someone who can really pique your curiosity and get your mind going. Well, don't worry. If you're looking for intelligent women, there are a lot of places to meet them that you probably haven't thought of. Here are some of the best.

  1. Local Bookstores. Just heading over to a mega-chain bookstore won't do you any good. You're more likely to end up in a place to meet intelligent women if you explore small, locally owned bookstores. Patrons to these shops are usually avid readers with unique tastes. 
  2. College Campuses. It should be stated right off the bat that this place to meet intelligent women is very age contingent. If you're a young adult, exploring a nearby college or university could let you bump into a sophisticated, smart student to hit it off with. If you're above college age, however, roaming campus will just make you look like a creep.
  3. Political Meeting and Rallies. Head over to a protest, rally, or political interest meeting. Not only will you have a good chance of finding intelligent women but you will also be able to know that they agree with some of your views and opinions (assuming you go to the right events).
  4. Mensa Meetings. In case you don't know, Mensa is the International High IQ Society. You won't have to worry about finding intelligent women because unintelligent people literally aren't allowed. Of course, this method presents the problem of either having to join Mensa yourself or finding a way to hang around the meetings if you can't get in.
  5. The Internet. Lots of smart women spend much of their time on the Internet, so it's a great place to meet them. Start looking around for blogs or message boards about the smart, sophisticated things that interest you. Whether it's indie music or abstract art, you'll find plenty of attractive women who are ready to chat.

These five are some of the most likely places to meet intelligent women.  Get out there, start exploring, and prepare yourself to meet a brainy beauty.

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