Plan Kayak Camping Trips

Kayaking and camping are two of the most enjoyed activities of nature enthusiasts, and learning how to plan kayak camping trips combines the two for maximum enjoyment. Planning kayak camping trips is a fun but serious task that involves considering factors ranging from the kayaking trek to safety concerns.

  1. The first step to planning a great kayak camping trip is selecting the location. This includes planning out the trek that your group will follow along the river or other body of water. Be sure to make note of where you will enter the water as well as where you plan to exit at the end of the trip. Map it out and bring it with you on the trip. It is also advisable to leave a copy of your route with friends and family that are staying behind just incase you should get lost.
  2. Plan out all of your stops and camping spots. Go as far as selecting specific camping sites if the information is available to you, and be sure to travel at a speed that will not cause you to finish the trip too early or late.
  3. Plan for the worst. Be sure to bring any equipment that you will need in adverse weather conditions or should an accident occur. Basic medical supplies, life jackets, and a satellite phone are all good choices.
  4. Bring supples that are appropriate for your group size. Bring plenty of food and water-cleansing supples for all of your group members. Do not bank on fishing or hunting to supplement your food supplies.
  5. Create a checklist for all the equipment that you and your group members will need on the trip. Account for anything that you do not plan on renting before you leave your home or campsite.



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