Plan A Kayak Trip

For safety reasons, it’s important to fully plan a kayak trip prior to heading out on your journey. Despite your skill level as a kayaker, whether professional or beginner, proper preparation for a kayaking trip is vital for your own safety and to obtain the most enjoyable experience from the trip as possible. Proper planning for a kayaking trip should include planning out the destination point, the equipment needed and other vital information to keep you safe.

  1. Plan a kayaking trip with friends. You are always safer when you travel in numbers. If something unexpected should occur, having a buddy with you may end up saving your life. Before heading out on a kayaking trip, find a few good friends to go on the trip with you. Having company also makes the trip more enjoyable.
  2. Plan a kayaking trip with a group leader. Every group needs a leader. Establish a designated leader that is responsible for certain activities, such as reservations and permits that may be needed. Shared responsibility with trip preparation will ensure no aspect of the trip is overlooked.
  3. Plan a kayaking trip with the ideal location in mind. Proper preparation for a kayaking trip includes picking a destination. Prior to deciding on a trip route, talk with others that have taken the same trip to learn if it is the correct route for you. Discuss difficulty levels and any complications that may have occurred. When picking a destination you also want to keep in mind the weather in the area during that time of year. Before making a firm decision on where you will be going, survey the area carefully.
  4. Plan a kayaking trip with the proper gear and equipment. You need to bring the proper gear brought along on every trip. Assign certain equipment and gear to individuals going on the trip. Establish a checklist of equipment and gear needed for the trip, such as a tow system, flares and life jackets.

Prior to heading out on a kayaking trip, make sure you have informed a few people where you will be going, when you are leaving and when you are due to return. This is important in case you do not return on time or something should happen, they will know where to look for you. Leave a highlighted map of your trip with a close family member of friend just in case.

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