Planet Fitness Complaints

Planet Fitness advertises itself as "The Judgment Free Zone" where every body type feels welcome, but Planet Fitness complaints portray the gym in a less accepting light. If you feel drawn to this gym chain's inexpensive memberships, cheerful purple decor and no-judgment approach, research Planet Fitness complaints first to make sure this gym meets your needs.

  1. Lunk Alarm: Without a doubt, the top Planet Fitness complaint is the infamous "Lunk Alarm." This alarm goes off anytime someone dares to grunt while lifting weights — too bad, because some fitness experts say grunting boosts power and strength. Not to mention, that "Judgment Free Zone" hardly feels so judgment free if you can set off alarms just for grunting through a hard lift.
  2. Do Rag Ban: As part of its quest to stomp out gym intimidation, Planet Fitness bans do rags or any other stereotypically muscle head attire. Signs inside the facility warn against looking like a meat head. But given the gym's claim that everyone should welcome, why shouldn't meat heads feel welcome, too?
  3. Lightweights: Maybe Planet Fitness finds heavy weights too intimidating, or maybe they fear heavy dumbbells and plates will attract too many do rag wearers. No matter the reason, Planet Fitness only stocks weights to 75 pounds – far too light for many serious bodybuilders and lifters.
  4. Tootsie Rolls Add to Your Fat Rolls: You just sweated away a full hour on the treadmill, only to face a bucketful of Tootsie Rolls on your way out of Planet Fitness, calling to you from the front desk. Given the crucial role of nutrition to the success of your fitness plan, one Planet Fitness complaint is that the gym helps you sweat off your fat rolls, only to bloat them back up with Tootsie Rolls.  
  5. Carb Pushers: While carb-loading makes sense for certain hardcore athletes, the average gym member could probably stand to cut out a slice or two of carbohydrate-rich starches. Yet, Planet Fitness continues to offer its infamous pizza and bagel giveaways. It's hard enough to eat right in a world surrounded by fast food and vending machines, but Planet Fitness members have to contend with gut-busting, sodium-loaded junk food at the one place that should provide sanctuary from it.
  6. No Personal Training: This Planet Fitness complaint shines a light on the gym's seemingly negative attitude toward fitness professionals. In 2011, Planet Fitness eliminated personal training in its gyms, reports Ryan Halvorson, editor of the IDEA Fitness Journal. Planet Fitness CEO Mike Grondahl wrote a memo to his franchisees calling personal training nothing more than "renting friends," according to the IDEA Fitness Journal.

Many Planet Fitness locations provide an extensive variety of well-maintained cardio equipment. If you just need a place to work your heart and burn calories, the cheap memberships at Planet Fitness are your ticket to an endless variety of calorie-burning fun.

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