Plants Vs Zombies Cheats

Looking for some "Plants vs. Zombies" cheats? A quirky tower defense game featuring plants defending a house from the zombie apocalypse, "Plants vs Zombies" has become a hit for many players, from the original online version, to the desktop, and even mobile gaming.

In order to use these cheats, you will need:

  • a computer or a mobile phone
  • a copy of "Plants vs Zombies". This can either be the free online version or that of a paid PC, Mac, or phone version.

There are a few different ways of getting the "Plants vs Zombies" cheats.

  1. Unlimited Money - This cheat can be used after receiving the Zen garden. Water the plants until they do not require anything else, then reset the date on your PC. The plants will then need to be watered and fed again, in which time you can grow them and then sell them. Continue until you have the desired amount of money.
  2. Unlock Costume – This cheat allows for the plants or zombies to have a different look, as well as having different effects occur at certain points. Using your keyboard, enter in the specified code for the actions: future – creature futuristic sunglasses for the plants; mustache – gives the zombies moustaches; pinata – when a zombie is killed, candy will rain from the sky; trickedout – gives the lawnmowers a different appearance; sukhbir – changes the 'brain' sounds that the zombies say; daisies – when a zombie is killed, a daisy will appear in its place
  3. Different Seed Packets – this cheat changes the seed packets that Crazy Dave gives you. Just exit the game and then restart it, and the selection will be different.

Using these different "Plants vs Zombies" cheats not only allows for some extra money, but also changes the atmosphere to an even funner environment, adding to the game's unique and eclectic vibe.



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