Platform Diving Pools In Houston

Whether you prefer to just watch or want to try it yourself, platform diving pools in Houston provide a place to experience the sport. Watching a person free-fall from heights of up to ten meters as they flip and turn can be pretty thrilling, maybe not as exciting as watching your favorite NFL player score the winning touchdown, but impressive none-the-less. Platform diving pools are pretty rare due to safety concerns, and there's only one place to go to in Houston.

  1. The University of Houston's Campus Recreation & Wellness Center Natatorium. This impressive facility is home to the largest collegiate swimming and diving facility in the United States. You'll find a pool that holds over 1.3 million gallons of water starting out at four feet and going to seventeen feet in the diving area. With three bulkhead areas, the pool shape transforms into various configurations. In addition to four springboards, there are a total of five platforms for diving. The heights are at one, three, five, 7.5 and ten meters. The natatorium hosts a variety of swimming and diving events throughout the year including ones that focus on platform diving. Seating capacity for up to 600 spectators is in place. When the facility isn't being used for meets or club and team practices from the University, open recreation times are available to the public where you can test out the platform diving experience. Just be sure not to take on more than you can handle. There are also swimming and diving classes offered in the natatorium throughout the year. Contact the school for more information. University of Houston Department of Campus Recreation, 4500 University Drive, Houston, Texas 77204-6056 713-743-7529.
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