Platform Diving Tips

If you're new to the sport of diving, seek out the advice from these helpful platform diving tips. Platform diving is a rich sport that has a history extending back to the earliest human ancestors jumping into bodies of water. All in all, platform diving can be quite tricky, but very beautiful once performed. Learn some great platform diving tips in our article below!

  1. Go with the flow. Many platform diving swimmers know this simply as "balking." In layman's terms, "balking" is what happens when you stop suddenly before diving. Not only is this pretty dangerous, it's also bad because it enforces the idea that "do-overs" are okay in competition platform diving. They aren't.
  2. Be safe. Seriously, when it comes to platform diving, there are a set of rules enforced. Always wait for the other diver to surface and make it to the side of the pool. You should exit quickly to the side once it is your turn, making sure to not be distracted by friends or other swimmers.
  3. One foot in front of the other. Diving blocks are commonly used in platform diving, which you will undoubtedly use from time to time. Put your right foot in front or left foot if you're left-handed and put your rear end up in the air. To launch yourself, use your legs to propel your body into the water head first.
  4. Toes first. While you don't want to land with your toes first into the water (you want to go head-first), put your toes over the edge of the diving board. Bend your knees, lean forward and then propel yourself into the water. Remember to put those arms on top of your head!
  5. Vertical. The key to going in smoothly while platform diving is trying to be as straight as possible. The more horizontal and belly flop-like you make it, the more painful and worse the dive.

Take these platform diving tips to heart and change the way you emerge into the pool! A diving platform is your instrument to make beauty with, so treat it with respect and stop goofing off when on the board! Beyond that, always remember to get professional swimming lessons alongside these platform diving tips, they will provide the foundation for which you will build your abilities on. Have fun and always be safe when platform diving!

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