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Learning how to play Cubefield is a great way to waste time at some lame office job. You just ensconce yourself in your office with the door closed and slip into a virtual world that is much simpler than our own. The soothing repetition of geometric patterns will calm your mind as you slip into the zone and steer. The curious thing about Cubefield is that after you get really good at the game you are no longer in control while you are driving. You are riding…But basically it is a steering game. Steer in and out of turns while avoiding colored blocks. As the game progresses the speed increases and the block patterns become quite challenging. To play Cubefield all you will need is:

  • Manual dexterity
  • Peace and no distractions
  • A computer or some web enabled device
  • A browser that can run flash
  1. Controls. To play Cubefield with any amount of control you will need a keyboard. A touch screen or tiny phone pad makes life tough in Cubefield. To go left, press the left arrow key. To go right, press the right arrow key. That is it. You can pause the game by pressing 'P' and hit 'Q' to adjust the screen quality.
  2. Goal. The goal is to just keep on flowing through the landscape of colored blocks while never touching any of them. The controls and simple goal make the game incredibly addictive to anyone from casual gamers to guys who stay up for weeks on Mountain Dew playing Warcraft.
  3. Where to get it. To play Cubefield you will need to find it. Go to any search engine and you will be be guided from there. Do yourself a favor and avoid the sites that are littered with ad banners. If you are having a tough time try:
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