Play Games Online For Free Without Downloading

There are lots of ways to play games online for free without downloading anything at all. The ability to play games online for free has long been one of the pioneering specialties of the Internet. Since the World Wide Web's humble beginnings in the 90's, so many countless people have learned to play games online as a way to pass time, challenge friends, and connect with others around the world. If you'd like to play games online without the hassle of a paid membership to some elite gaming site, then read these helpful tips below!

To play games online for free (and not download anything) you'll need the following items:

  • Computer
  • Internet connection
  • Modem
  • Router (optional)
  • Internet Service Provider
  • Electrical power
  • Adobe Flash Player (most recent update)
  • Java Platform (most recent update)
  • Anti-Virus software
  1. Connect to the Internet. Internet Service Providers (ISPs) are companies that work to connect your personal computer to the global online community. Contact a local ISP to see if you are covered. Remember, there are more than one so check out several options out there! A professional installer will come and hook up your modem to a router (possibly) and set up your personal network.
  2. Start up your computer. Boot your computer by simply powering it on as usual. If you are a new computer user, this is accomplished by holding down the "On" button. The hardware will then initialize itself and eventually lead you to the desktop (a background with several icons around it).
  3. Launch your favorite Internet browser. Different people have different preferences when it comes to Internet browsers. Windows and Mac users may just go with the default Internet Explorer or Safari (respectively). Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome are two other alternatives; Firefox is renowned for its safety and customization while Chrome is critically-acclaimed for its speed and simplicity.
  4. Update your Flash Player. The first, and most common, way that users play games online is through Adobe's Flash. The program is a tool often used for interactive websites, online movies, and (obviously) games. Visit Adobe's website, give them any necessary (minimal) information, and download!
  5. Play Flash games. Adobe Flash, as mentioned above, is the most common platform people use to play games online. By typing key phrases such as "cool flash games" or "fun flash games" into search engines you will stumble upon a wide variety of venues that host large libraries of Flash games. Always have Anti-virus software at the ready when visiting any less-than-well-known websites.
  6. Update your Java Platform. Java, like Flash, is commonly used to play games online. Unlike Adobe's platform, however, Java is much more complex, open, and large. You can find the most recent update of Java on Sun Microsystems' website (the developers).
  7. Play Java games. Unlike Flash, your computer has to be able to process large amounts of data quickly. Thus, a more advanced, modern PC or Mac is recommended. Simply type "java games" into your favorite search engine to turn up lots of Java libraries online.

The ability to play games online is so vital to many Internet businesses nowadays. Most gaming websites allow people to play games online for free by funding themselves through ad-revenue, an excellent trade for the majority of Internet users. Once you get a high score, be sure to tell your friends about your new favorite online game!

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