Play Grand Theft Auto Online

Get your fill of sex murder and mayhem when you play "Grand Theft Auto" online. Playing "Grand Theft Auto" online gives you the option being able to play "Grand Theft Auto" with multiple players instead of keeping all of the action to yourself. There are three ways  you can play "Grand Theft Auto" online; you can download the game directly to your PC, unlock the online options in your copy of the game or you can download it directly to your video game console. Once you decide which version of "Grand Theft Auto" online you want to use, all you have to do is follow the instructions on your screen to set up online play. Because each video game system is a bit different, the instructions for how to play "Grand Theft Auto" online may  differ, but once you make it through a few simple prompts, you're well on your way to ripping it up and playing "Grand Theft Auto" online with gamers all over the world.

Things you will need:

  • Computer or video game console
  • Internet access
  • Copy of "Grand Theft Auto"
  1. Download "Grand Theft Auto" to your PC. If you’re playing "Grand Theft Auto" on PC, the best way to play "Grand Theft Auto" online is to download it directly to your PC. You can download "Grand Theft Auto"directly from the folks who make "Grand Theft Auto" at Once you have "Grand Theft Auto" downloaded to your computer, you will be able to play "Grand Theft Auto" online by yourself or with up to 36 other players.
  2. Use the online features of "Grand Theft Auto". When you purchase "Grand Theft Auto", you’re able to unlock interactive features in the game that will allow you to play "Grand Theft Auto" online. Just load "Grand Theft Auto" into your video game console. Once the game is loaded you can go through the main menu and follow the prompts on the screen to play "Grand Theft Auto" online.
  3. Download "Grand Theft Auto" directly to your video game console. If you don’t want to spend the $60 to get a copy of "Grand Theft Auto", you can always download a copy of directly to your video game console. Go to the store online store section of your video game consoles main menu. From there you can you can search for "Grand Theft Auto". Once you find the version of "Grand Theft Auto" you want, follow the instructions on the screen to down load the game directly to your game console. Once you have the game downloaded, you can follow the games menu to play "Grand Theft Auto" Online.  



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