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A person who wants to know how to play Sims 3 online should prepare for initial disappointment. Electronic Arts, the maker of The Sims, planned to add the functionality to the game, but pulled it before the game is released. A fan of the game should not give up hope of planning The Sims 3” online, he just needs to wait. 

Things You Need to Play “The Sims 3” Online:


  • Upcoming “The Sims 3” online Expansion
  • At least 2 gigabytes of hard drive space
  • Windows XP or later
  • Direct X 9.0c
  • An Active Internet Connection
  1. Clear at least 2 gigabytes from your hard drive if necessary . Even hard core gamers love “The Sims.” You can start by clicking on the “Start” menu. Click on “Programs.” Select “system tools” and “accessories.” Go to disk cleanup and remove the web. This may mean that the computer clears out all of your favorite adult websites, but you can handle it. 
  2. Remove any unnecessary programs if you still do not have enough space.  Go to the “Start Menu” again and select “control panel.” Find the “add or remove programs” option on the list and scan through the list of programs after it loads. Most people have some long forgotten program they do not use. Remove them. 
  3. Go get the new online expansion right now . If the gaming store tells you it is not out, be sure to call Electronic Arts and demand that they release “The Sims 3” expansion that allows a person to play online faster. Remember to not take it out on the clerk. Do not except explanations about debugging and making sure the product is high quality. 
  4. When you get the expansion, go into DirectX diagnostics and see that you have the correct version . You can enter the program by clicking on “start,” selecting “run” and typing in Dxdiag. If you do not have 9.0c, go to Microsoft's website and do a search for DirectX. The information about the version installed will be displayed on the System tab of the program. 
  5. Buy the expansion and install it . You will need a copy of “The Sims 3.” The process, when Electronic Arts gets around to releasing the game, involves putting the DVD in the appropriate drive and letting Windows start the Autorunlini program Hit install and follow the directions. Enter “The Sims 3” and you should be able to play the game with up to 2,000 people on any given server.
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