Playboy Hottest 5 Housewives

"Playboy" gets a few husbands hot under the collar by releasing pictures of housewives naked each year but who are the Playboy hottest 5 housewives ? The contenders are both famous and unknown but the hottest 5 housewives are the ones we wished lived next door.

  1. Kelly Bensimon. Previously she was best known as one of "The Housewives of New York" but now she will be called one of the the Playboy hottest five housewives and for good reason. She may be the wrong side of 40, but her slim figure and wonderfully perky breasts defy gravity and age. 
  2. Debbie Davids. She started out as a regular playmate, then become a housewife and promptly returned a little older, and thankfully still naked, as one of the Playboy five hottest housewives. This blonde with the bouncing boobs make just stick around for a while, as her full frontal shots bring a smile to the sternest of faces.
  3. Lynda Redwine. Remember Yasmine Bleeth when she was really hot ? Check out Lynda Redwine for Yasmine part two. The dark haired stunner kindly stripped for the wives issue and readers were thankful she did, as readers found another contender for the Playboy five hottest housewives.
  4. Avery Morgan. What could be better than a Playboy hottest five housewives contender with huge boobs, beautiful eyes and a penchant for being naked on camera ? How about one who makes out with two other nude wives to the delight of Playboy fans.
  5. Jessica Joy. With a name like Joy, Jessica has to bring happiness to the world and she certainly does when she bares all and shows off for Playboy hottest housewives. With her high caliber breasts, pretty face and tight butt, she is the wife we all would love to wake up to.
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