Pocket Square Etiquette

Every man should be aware of pocket square etiquette rules. These simple accessories will make many suit or tuxedo stand out from the others. The panache a pocket square provides is unmatched when done properly.

Pocket squares should never match your tie. It may seem like a brilliant idea to match your pocket square to your tie, but it isn't. Proper pocket square etiquette mandates complementing the tie. If your tie is patterned or printed, choose a color from the pattern or print and use a pocket square that coordinates but does not exactly match the color from the tie. An easy tip would be to go a shade or two lighter or darker than the tie you are are trying to compliment for your the corresponding pocket square color.

Pocket squares at a formal occasion must always be white. Formal events are not the time to play around with color when rocking a pocket square. The occasion demands you follow a strict dress code and as a gentleman, you must adhere to these rules down to your pocket square. Etiquette standards do give you a choice of  cotton or linen fabrications for your pocket square, as well as the allowing for a textured or woven fabric.

Know how to fold your pocket square properly. Perhaps the most important principle when it comes to pocket square etiquette is knowing the correct way to fold and position your pocket square. Without this knowledge, you may as well not wear one. Do not just shove the pocket square into the pocket. Do take the time to create an elegant fold.


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