Pocket Watches For Men

The next time you step out, set yourself apart from the rest by sporting one of the best pocket watches for men listed below. Men who carry pocket watches are making a statement about their impeccable taste, character and individuality. Here is a list of the best pocket watches for you to choose from.

  1. The Charles Hubert pocket watch Paris Sterling Silver Quartz. This $390.00 pocket watch is made by a company in France that has been in the business of watch making for decades. This Charles Hubert watch is round and comes with a limited warranty from the manufacturer. The Charles Hubert is the perfect accessory to add when you want to impress the ladies.
  2. The Aerowatch men's 105645 mechanical 925 Arabic Dial Sterling Silver Pocket Watch. The next time you go out in style, steal the show by adding a touch of elegance and class with the Aerowatch. The Sterling silver Aerowatch comes with a chain, has a sleek design and sells for $995.00.
  3. The Timex T73751 Black Grip Clip Digital pocket watch. This is the perfect watch for everyday use, outdoor and sports activities. This Timex pocket watch is water resistant (up to 65 feet). More than just a clock, this Timex digital pocket watch also functions like a timer or stop watch and only costs $17.00. 
  4. The Colibri Silver Liberty Half Dollar Coin pocket watch model PWS095911x. The Colibri Silver pocket watch is made in the U.S.A. This unique and classic hunter case watch is protected by an elaborately designed cover, and its face has a small coin embedded in it. The Colibri Silver pocket watch is listed at $129.00. The Colibri is for men who want to show how their tastes in watches set themselves apart from the rest.
  5. The Sturhling Original men's 142A.EU.PK6 Monarch Moon Quartz pocket watch. The distinctly blue dial of this pocket watch is clearly a tribute to the kings and royalties of old. The beautiful blue dial of the Sturhling is encased in stainless steel and has a lobster claw clasp for added protection. The Sturhling is a pocket watch for nightlife. 
  6. The Avalon Silver Tone Ultra Thin Railroad pocket watch with chain #8990sx. The Avalon Silver Tone is a beautifully designed pocket watch for everyday use. The Avalon Silver Tone's housing is made of brass and has a large face for easy reading. The ultra thin Avalon is very affordable at $34.00.
  7. The Patek Phillipe Pocket Watch sold 18kt. The solid gold encased Patek Phillipe is truly a magnificent timepiece. It comes with a gold chain and winding key. The Swiss made Patek Phillipe is guaranteed by decades of experience in craftsmanship. The $3200.00 Patek Phillipe is an investment that you can pass on to your son.


You can purchase each of these pocket watches online, many with added bonuses like watch cases and easy payment plans. They are also available at online auction houses. 

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