Pof Rifles

What are POF rifles? POF, or more correctly POF-USA Patriot Ordinance Factory, is a company which manufactures and sells high quality AR15 family rifles and components. POF markets and sells products and rifles to the military, law enforcement, and civilian markets. Of course, different options and variations are available to different markets and end users.   

POF rifles include:

  1. P308 – The P308 is a family of 7.62 x 51 MM caliber rifles. They are available in various barrel lengths and options, all with POF's special gas piston operating system. Barrel lengths are 14.5", 16.5", 20.5", and 20". This is really one of the ultimate larger caliber assault rifles available on the market.
  2. P308 Personal Defense Weapon (PDW) – This is the short barreled version of the P308 which falls into the classification of Personal Defense Weapon. The Personal Defense Weapon is designed to replace the full sized rifle for those persons and jobs with limited space yet require more firepower than the traditional pistol or revolver gives. The P308 PDW comes with all the advantages of the P308 with a short compact 12 " barrel, making it as short and compact as many submachine guns with the added advantage of a full powered rifle cartridge.
  3. PDW (Personal Defense Weapon) – This is a Personal Defense Weapon in 5.56 x 45MM  caliber. This is the caliber normally used in the U.S. military's M16 and M4 rifles, along with other weapons. The PDW is designed for those users who need a rifle's capability, but have limited space. Since it fires a full power rifle cartridge, the PDW gives more firepower than the traditional pistol caliber sub-machine guns and handguns. This PDW comes with POF's special gas piston action along with a compact 9.25" barrel and various other special features the professional and civilian alike will appreciate. The PDW is built upon the P416 Military and Law enforcement only rifle platform.
  4. SBR (Short Barreled Rifle) – This is POF's slightly longer barreled 5.56 x 45MM rifle which bridges the gap between a very short PDW and a full sized rifle. This is handy when a longer barrel is wanted for better accuracy and range, yet space constraints still make a larger rifle too bulky. The SBR is built upon the P416 Military and Law enforcement only rifle platform.
  5. P415 – This is the version of POF's AR15 family of 5.56 x 45MM rifles which is available to the civilian market. It has features and options legal for the civilian to own, leaving out those options that are generally only allowed to the military or law enforcement, such as full auto capability or mutishot burst capability. The P415 comes in various configurations with different barrel lengths ranging from 14.5" to 18".  Various barrel weights and types and other options are also available. Each rifle however comes with POF's special gas piston design.  
  6. P416 – This is POF's family of AR15 rifles in 5.56 x 45MM rifles available only for Law Enforcement and military sales. These rifles come with all the same basic options as the P415 and are also available with features such as full automatic and burst capability.

There are the POF rifles. They are a high quality family of rifles based upon Eugene Stoner's AR15 design. They are available in both of the calibers the traditional AR15 was designed to work with, the 7.62 and 5.56 NATO calibers. POF rifles are not cheap, but are crafted from high quality components with the very latest in gas piston action designs. They are designed to be a rifle that can be relied upon in war, in the mean streets of the modern large urban city, and for use around the homestead.

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