Point And Click Adventure Games

Point and click adventure games may be a dying breed, but many of the old ones are fantastic. Point and click adventure games are generally about character development and puzzles. They are not the one-man-army, kill everyone twitchfest games of today. Generally found on the PC, point and click adventure games are for those who love figuring out puzzles and how random items go together. While very trial-and-error, point and click adventure games are still a lot of fun.

  1. "Grim Fandango." This point and click adventure game by LucasArts, follows the story of Manny in an attempt to save Mercedes, a good soul, during her stay in the underworld. This game is fantastic due to its setting, with the game taking place in the Land of the Dead. Manny is a travel agent who escorts good and bad souls to the Ninth Underworld. Bad souls do it on foot, which takes four years, while good souls get a free pass. Manny's attempt to help Mercedes through the journey to the Ninth underworld is fantastically written and should not be missed by point and click adventure game fans.
  2. "Myst." "Myst" follows a lone character who used a book to travel to the titular island of Myst. This point and click adventure game can be extremely hard and confusing. Players must find different books around the island while solving puzzles. Each book found will help figure out who the character is and why he is on the island. While some of the puzzles are difficult, this point and click adventure game is still good, even by today's standards.
  3. "The Secret of Monkey Island." Developed by Lucasfilm Games, "Monkey Island" has a huge cult following. This point and click adventure game follows Guybrush Threepwood on an attempt to become a pirate and eventually rescue Elaine from the evil ghost-pirate LeChuck. "Monkey Island" is quite a hilarious game. The writing is still fantastic today. The puzzles are simple but quite fun. The game really shines because it is more open than most games, allowing you to do any of the three main quests in any order.
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