Poison Songs

Poison songs are more than just remnants of 80s rock and hair bands. For many, these songs bring back memories of high school, ripped jeans, and concert t-shirts. Before Brett Michaels became a reality TV superstar, before the Brett Michaels/Pamela Anderson sex tapes, there was music that fed America’s youth all the debauchery it could handle. Poison songs symbolized everything every young American teenager in the 80s wanted, loud music, glamorous parties, and rock & roll.

  1. “Talk Dirty to Me” debuted in 1986, on the “Look What the Cat Dragged In” album. It was one of the first chart toppers for the glam band from L.A. While parents cringed, America’s youth cried out for more.
  2. “Nothin’ But a Good Time” was released as part of the “Open Up and Say…Ahh” album in 1988. It was Poison’s follow up to “Look What the Cat Dragged In.” In terms of Poison songs, this one became the anthem for teenage partying and concert-going.
  3. “Unskinny Bop” was released in 1991, on the “Flesh and Blood” album. It topped the Billboard Hot 100 list at number three that year. The video featured neon cowgirls and typical Poison flamboyance. When it comes to Poison songs, this one is the number two best-seller.
  4. “Every Rose has Its Thorn” is best selling of all Poison songs. Also from the “Open Up and Say…Ahh” album, Every Rose has made every top or greatest songs of the 80s list worth reading. It has everything a good rock ballad should, slow music, tender lyrics, and lots of slow motion concert footage for the video.
  5. “Your Mama Don’t Dance" is featured on the 2007 release, "Poison'd," the band's seventh album. The band has featured this particular song on several previous albums, almost to the point of making it one of the quintessential Poison songs. However, “Poison’d” featured numerous other covers, both previously recorded and the band’s favorite classic rock songs.
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