Poker Dice Rules

Poker Dice is a poker-like game that you can play with a special set of dice, but you can't start playing until you learn the Poker Dice rules. The game is normally played between two or three players and since the game only takes a few seconds, normally it takes a certain number of game wins to win the match. Poker Dice is a straight up luck game, with almost no strategy involved, but it can still be a fun way to spend some time. If you don't have any poker dice, you can use regular dice since the denominations of the game don't really matter, as long as there are six different denominations.

  1. The first player throws five dice. Most dice games are easier if you create a backstop to toss the dice against.
  2. The player that threw the dice will decide which ones he wants to keep. That player will then toss the unkept dice.
  3. The player repeats the process taking up to three total tosses. He can never throw more dice on the third toss than he did on the second.
  4. The end result is then made into a poker-like hand, hence the name Poker Dice. The possible hands, from worst to best, are: High Card, One Pair, Two Pair, Three of a Kind, Straight, Full House, Four of a Kind, Five of a Kind. Since the dice can't have suits, flushes are not possible in Poker Dice. The dice values are the same as in poker, with 9 being the lowest and an Ace being the best.
  5. The second player then repeats the process, and any more players after that do the same.
  6. The player with the best hand wins that game of Poker Dice.
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