Pole Fishing Techniques

Pole fishing techniques will give you the advantage when it comes to fishing. Using a pole during fishing is essential to catching fish in a fun, sporting-friendly way that gives you the adrenaline rush that comes with catching fish using a pole. Not only is pole fishing fun, but it’s also very challenging, especially when it comes to fighting big fish! So let’s begin by looking at these pole fishing techniques.

  1. Use a firm grip. The first technique for pole fishing is maintaining a tight-grip on your fishing pole when you’re using it. Nothing is more disappointing than losing your fishing pole during your fishing trips. Not only is this a costly mistake, but can ruin your future fishing expeditions.
  2. Storage wars. Our next technique for pole fishing involves storing your fishing poles when they’re not in use. Most anglers bring multiple fishing poles with them when they go fishing. To avoid tangling or potentially breaking your rods that aren’t in use, store them in a safe area in either your vehicle or your boat. If you use telescoping or two-piece rods, than it’s a great idea to break-down these rods when they’re not in use.
  3. Check your guides. Another great technique for pole fishing is keeping a stern eye on the condition of your fishing poles guides. Having a broken guide will quickly cut your line, causing you to lose a fish and your lure. Use a q-tip to check for broken or cracked guides. Begin by rotating your q-tip around each of the interiors of your guide. If the q-tip appears to have been cut, than you’ll know you have a broken guide. If you do find a broken guide, than stop using your fishing pole and have your guide(s) professionally repaired.
  4. Use the correct rod. Our final technique for pole fishing focuses on using the right equipment for the type of fish you’re chasing. If you’re chasing small panfish, than you should choose an ultra-light rod that will allow you to use smaller baits for these fish. If you’re chasing larger fish like Bass or Muskies, than consider using a heavy-duty rod that will allow you to successfully catch these fish.
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