Police Chase Games

The interactive world offers plenty of opportunities to experience your need for speed, as these police chase games demonstrate. Whether on Xbox, PlayStation, Wii or online, you can take the wheel and get a taste for eluding the law while demonstrating your driving skills. Some of the most famous police chase games are also now available for play online, making use of the immense increase of computing power in the household. A few of the key police chase games:

  1. "Grand Theft Auto." Undoubtedly among the most controversial police chase games, the "Grand Theft Auto" franchise involves rollicking adventures, colorful characters and extensive storylines. The original, released in 2008, takes place across three cities: Liberty City, San Andreas and Vice City (modeled after New York, San Francisco and Miami.) This game is now available for online download.
  2. "Need for Speed III: Hot Pursuit." Arguably one of the most famous police chase games ever, "Need for Speed III" was developed by Electronic Arts Canada in 1998 for both PC and PlayStation. "Need for Speed III: Hot Pursuit" was among the first to offer three dimensional racing and to allow users to race on open roads.
  3. "Grand Theft Auto IV." This 2009 sequel to the controversial franchise, "Grand Theft Auto IV" is set in the fictional town of Liberty City with principal characters Niko Bellic and his cousin Roman, immigrants from Europe. The game is available on Xbox360, PlayStation3 and Windows Live.
  4. "Need for Speed: Most Wanted." Released in 2005, this police chase game takes the genre onto city streets and offers users the opportunity to become the most nefarious racers of all. Cars include classic rides such as Corvette, Mustang, Camaro and more. "Need for Speed: Most Wanted" challenges racers to make their way to the top of the "black list" to gain notoriousness in the world of illegal street racing.
  5. "Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 2010." Also developed by Electronic Arts, "Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit" was released in 2010 for Xbox360, PlayStation3, personal computer and Wii. The game takes place in the fictional Seacrest County and focuses on open countryside cop-versus-driver racing. Players can compete either as police or racers. Cars available include classic brand names such as Porsche, Audi, BMW and Lamborghini.
  6. Online games. The advent of the cloud is allowing many police chase games to make their way online. One example is a collection of 33 police chase games available at PlayHub.com. PlayHub offers titles such as "Police Fury," "Police Chopper" and "High Speed Chase 2." Many other sites are also available.
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