Polyamorous Definition

If you've been looking for a polyamorous definition, you've come to the right place. Polyamory is a popular topic in recent months, with the popularity of shows such as "Big Love" and "Sister Wives". A simple polyamorous definition would be that it pertains to a muti-partner relationship. But there is more to it than simply having more than one partner, as we shall see as we further discuss polyamorous definitions.

  1. The word itself comes from combining the Greek poly (many) and the Latin amor (love). The standard accepted polyamorous definition is that it pertains to having mutual and simultaneous romantic relationships between several partners, with the knowledge and consent of all involved.
  2. Polygamy and polyamory are often considered the same thing. While they are quite similar, there are differences. Polygamy is the practice of one man being married to several wives, or one woman having several husbands. In polygamy, by definition, is the act of one partner having several spouses. Polyamory is a relationship where multiple people are involved in  a relationship together, each with equal say and  consent in the relationship. It is a form of "ethical non-monogamy" that places great importance on honesty and responsibility in the relationship.
  3. The polyamorous definition states that it is an open and honest relationship, where each person involved is on equal standing and all partners are aware of and consent to the other partners. A polyamorous relationship can be between any combination of men and women, and can involve both heterosexual and homosexual partners.
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