Poptropica Cheats For Haunted House

Using "Poptropica" cheats for Haunted House will enhance your gaming experience. You'll learn a lot more tricks on how increase your score and have availibilty of fake collectibles and captures. With games like "Poptropica", where there is additional scope to earn more points at each level considering the humungous amounts of hidden collectibles, you will cheat and walkthroughs at some point or the other. In addition to newcomers looking to learn the nuances of playing "Poptropica" Haunted House game, even veterans who would want to track down hidden passages and other venture paths would like to take a look at the following "Poptropica" cheats for Haunted House, which makes the game fun and ends up in you earning more points with a few hints and clues on the way.

  1. Getting a Fake Jetpack. The initial requirement in order to use this cheat for "Poptropica" Haunted House would be to defeat and capture the Superpower Island. Proceed to the jail in the island. Once you are there, go up to a man on the meteor and select the device on his back. You can use your costumiers to fly around until you get your free and unlimited jetpack. The jetpack gets activated in usually around five to ten seconds after the device is selected.
  1. Obtaining the Easter Rabbit Ears. All you have to do in order to lay hands on the Easter Rabbit Ears is enter the processing room and stay fixed up there till you get access to the metal room. You will see a conveyor belt in the middle on which you will need to jump. Go to the pipes that come along and from there jump to the platform provided and get your prized Easter Rabbit Ears. This is an easy and effective cheat code "Poptropica" Haunted House and can be used at any level that has a processing metal chamber.
  1. Finding the Laser Pen and the Satellite Tracker. The laser pen and the satellite tracker are available on Spy Island. You must initially find yourself a chameleon suit by winning the previous levels, and then this effective cheat code will work. Wear your chameleon suit, sneak into the docks and go to the building roof tops. Upon reaching it, you will see a door. Open it and enter the room, there will be three dogs that you have to evade by just sneaking past them very quietly. Then you will find the man who will hand over the laser pen and the satellite tracker when you click on his back.
  1. Conquer Crusher. You will need to have a pair of handcuffs from the Scientist before using this hint. When you come face to face with crusher, use this cheat for Haunted House. Go to the car where crusher will be waiting for you. However, climb up the yellow crane behind the car, instead of openly going to crusher. Now, turn the magnets on. Crusher is tightly in your hold due to the magnetic power and cannot escape. Click on him to handcuff him up.
  1. Catch All the Copy Cats. Copy cats will be housed in a huge building on the set, but they are so remarkably concealed that you cannot track them down, unless you use this effective cheat code. You will have to be quick if you want to catch all of them in one stroke. Enter the building and track down the first copy cat lying on the lamp at the far left to the entrance. Keep going right and you will have two more cats waiting. Keep proceeding swiftly towards the top and soon, all the cats will be under your control. 

Use these "Poptropica" cheats for Haunted House to have a nice gaming experience and learn a lot more tricks on how increase your score.

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