Poptropica Cheats For Mythology Island

There aren't exactly "Poptropica" for Mythology Island, but there are “methods” by which the player can win a lot easier than if they had to do things the way they were meant to be done. In the game, the player creates a character and then goes on a role playing adventure. This all takes place on a variety of different islands, in which the player must win at a central game to “defeat” the island. There are plenty of side missions along the way they gives the player bonus powers of articles they can use to further customize their character. One of the more complicated islands on the game is Mythology Island, and there they must defeat Zeus!

  1. Getting the Whisker from Cerberus:  The player will first need to have the “Reed Pipe” that they used to get into the Minotaur’s Lair, and they will also need to have learned at least one of the songs that can be acquired from the statues at Apollo’s temple, where the player actually gets the Reed Pipe. Click on the statue that’s holding the reed pipe, and she’ll teach the player the secret song. When the player passes the test, they will get a card that’s put into their knapsack. This card will actually show the notes to be played in Cerberus’s Lair, that makes him (or them) fall asleep. Then you can obtain the whisker in "Poptropica" on Mythology Island.
  2. Getting Hercules to Help:  Hercules won’t help the player unless they have all five of the items from the Zeus quest. Once all five of the items are obtained then bring them to the Goddess Athena, who will then allow them to be stolen by the big guy Zeus, himself in "Poptropica" on Mythology Island. When he steals the hard earned loot, go talk to Athena, and she’ll be helpful for once, telling the player that Hercules will finally help. It’s about time. However it’s still not over yet, Hercules is very lazy and doesn’t like walking, so you have to have Aphrodite’s Mirror to carry him along with you.
  3. Getting the Pomegranate for Hades’ Altar:  The pomegranate is especially hard to find, and without it, it’s impossible to get into the underworld. Hades’ loves his fruit, and he needs it to be on that alter, so here’s how to find it. The player must go to the Sphinx Garden in Poptropica"on Mythology Island. This is located to the left, and over the bridge right past the base of the Tree of Immortality. All the player needs to do beyond that is jump up the platforms and you will eventually find the tree. There’s a sign that says “Free! You pick em. You Keep em.”
  4. Getting the Hydra Scale: For any side-scroller fan this one should be fairly easy, but for the younger players, they simply need to jump when the hydra is about to strike. This can be seen by one of the heads rearing back about to strike, and its eyes popping out. When the player sees this, they should get ready to jump. When it strikes, aim towards the head, and try to land on top of its head, ala Mario Brothersbut it's actually "Poptropica" in Mythology Island. The head will get knocked out and won’t be any problem any longer. Do this five times, and the scale is up for grabs.
  5. Getting Past the River Styx: To get across the River Styx the player will have to stand on the edge of the boat and duck down. This is the best position to be in for the entire boat ride. The stalactite will fall towards the middle of the boat, and the skulls will fly right over top of the ducking character. The only thing the player will have to watch out for is the croc’s head sticking out of the water. When the player sees this, they should jump. Don’t worry; the stalactite won’t hurt the player as long as they time the jump over the croc’s head just right. 
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