Popular Songs Of 2010

The most popular songs of 2010 weren't necessarily the best songs of 2010. Nevertheless, there are some good ones in this bunch. Just because something is popular, doesn't mean it's also good. But if something is really popular, it's got to have something going for it, right? These songs ought to already be familiar to everybody, whether you like them or not.

  1. "Tik Tok" — Kesha — Yes, she sings like a valley girl. And yes, you don't want her to be a role model for your kids. But if you're a record company, you most certainly want her recording your songs because in 2010, she was one of pop's most popular artists.
  2. "Need You Now" — Lady Antebellum — Country music snobs will tell you this is more Fleetwood Mac than country, but this trio's big song was one of the most popular songs of 2010; in country music, and almost everywhere else.
  3. "He Soul Sister" — Train — This was just the perfect popular song in 2010 to chill out to. It was a faux reggae song that you liked, your mom liked, and maybe, even your grandmother liked it.
  4. "California Gurls" — Katy Perry Featuring Snoop Dogg — Katy Perry just got a whole lot cooler once Snoop Dogg entered this popular 2010 song about the golden state. Maybe Beach Boys fans don't like it. But everybody still wants to be a California girl — well, most of the girls do.
  5. "OMG" — Usher Featuring will.i.am — Usher was a lot of places making popular songs in 2010, but will.i.am was everywhere. The acronym is now a part of the English language, thanks to texting shorthand. Now it's a very popular song title, too.
  6. "Airplanes" — B.o.B Featuring Hayley Williams — Take a rapper,  and add a cool rock singer, and presto, you have one of 2010's most popular songs. Most of us can't see stars in the smog sky to wish on them. Airplanes are a good substitute.
  7. "Love The Way You Lie" — Eminem Featuring Rihanna — Lady Gaga gave us the song "Bad Romance," but Eminem, with help from Rihanna, best described bad romance. This song deserved to be one of the most popular songs in 2010 because it's so good.
  8. "Bad Romance" — Lady Gaga — Lady Gaga was the most popular artist of 2010. She craves attention, and got her fill. She also had some of the most popular songs, including this one about trashy novel love.
  9. "Dynamite" — Taio Cruz — Pardon the phrase, but this song was blowing up in 2010. Taio Cruz's song about partying like an explosive was one of the most popular songs of 2010.
  10. "Break Your Heart" — Taio Cruz Featuring Ludacris — Hey, at least the guy in this song's honest. He's going to break your heart. Honest still sells in the popular songs of 2010.
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