Portable Beer Coolers: 5 Best

Looking for the top 5 best portable beer coolers? Look no further to keep that liquid gold the way it should be enjoyed, ice cold. Portable beer coolers can be as simple as a cooler on wheels, with a handle for pulling, or as high-tech as remote-controlled ones. Some of them are even motorized, although it might not quite be what you think.

  1. Sudsbuddy Kegerator Beermeister. This is one of the most popular portable beer coolers. It weighs only 60 pounds, and operates without the need for a compressor or Freon.

  2. Princess Portable Beer Cooler. This brand of portable beer coolers can actually be used all year long, because it keeps drinks hot or cold. It is foldable for easy storage and transportation.

  3. Coleman Portable Beer Cooler. The Coleman brand has always been well-known by those who camp or spend a lot of time outdoors. Their portable beer cooler can be used in campsites or at tailgate parties.

  4. Cruizin Cooler. These really exist! A heavy-duty wheeled portable beer cooler is mounted on a motorized scooter that runs on either gas or electricity. The cooler does double-duty as both a cold beverage holder and the scooter seat.

  5. RC Cooler. This portable beer cooler offers the best in outdoor entertainment and high technology. The keg-shaped cooler is mounted on wheels and is motorized. Operating a remote control lets you move the cooler from one location to another.

Any or all of these would be perfect for holding beer, soda, or other beverages. If you’re looking for a strictly functional cooler, then you would want to go with one of the more moderately-priced ones, but if you’re looking for one that not only keeps your drinks cold but also amazes and delights your friends, then choose one of the more unique models.

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