Positive Body Language Examples

There are many reasons you may want to know some positive body language examples. When interviewing for a job or a promotion the interviewer may be watching your body language to judge the type of person you are. A woman at the bar, a teacher or a police officer are just a few other examples of people who read body language to gauge what type of person you are. Below you will find a few examples of positive body language.

  1. Eye Contact. Making good eye contact is one of most important steps to achieving a positive body language. Eye contact tells a person you are interested in what they are saying. It also means that you are confident in what you are saying to them.
  2. Smiling. When you smile it shows a positive body language. A smile will encourage a person to talk to you and shows that you are a happy and confident person.
  3. Head Gestures. Holding your head up high will display confidence. Nodding and leaning your head towards a person shows them you are listening in this show of positive body language.
  4. Hands and Arms. Avoid crossing your arms or hiding your hands while trying to display a positive body language. Use hand gestures and even lightly touch a persons arm or hand while talking with them to display your confidence.
  5. Legs. If you are sitting down keep feet planted on the ground. A crossed leg will appear unapproachable and that you may have a defensive attitude. Dangling legs show a person that you are carefree and may not be focused and determined. 
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