Pottery Barn Wedding Registry Guide

Get a clue about your wedding registry with this Pottery Barn Wedding Registry Guide. Not only is getting familiar with how to register and manage your wedding registry going to impress your better half, being aware might help you keep her from picking out some awful bedspread or china without consulting you. Depending on your preferences and location, you can register by phone, in a store, or online (except Canadians, who must register in person or by phone).

You will need: 

  • computer
  • internet access

To register in store: 

  1. Go to your nearest Pottery Barn. To find a store near you, use Pottery Barn's store locator: http://www.potterybarn.com/customer-service/store-locator.html?cm_type=fnav.
  2. Go to customer service and fill out any forms required to register.
  3. Take the scanner gun and your fiance, and swipe the barcodes of objects you want to register for (with the scanner gun, not your fiance).
  4. Return the scanner gun to customer service. Request a printed copy of your registry and log-in information so that you can check up on your registry online.
  5. Tell your friends to make sure to take items of your registry when buying you gifts, or at least provide a gift receipt. After all, you don't want to end up with five rice cookers you have to sell on eBay after the wedding.
  6. After your wedding, if there's anything you or your new wife absolutely must have and no one bought off the registry, you have six months to purchase it with a ten percent discount from Pottery Barn.

To register online:

  1. Go to Pottery Barn's Wedding and Gift Registry page. You can find the website below. Read all about the benefits of registering with Pottery Barn.
  2. Create a registry. You will have to fill in pertinent information like your first and last name (and your future wife's, and if you can't spell it yet, you're already in trouble), address, phone and email.
  3. Select a password that you can easily remember, but that your goofy friend Mike can't easily hack into and register you for 400 pink hand towels, or worse, change your fiance's last name to Ballandchain.
  4. Moving after the wedding? Have gifts shipped one place before, and somewhere else after, by filling in the pre and post-event shipping boxes.
  5. Register for gift cards. If Aunt Mildred thinks cash is "classless" she might spring for a gift-card and then you can buy those 1000 thread count sheets you've been coveting since you and the future missus stayed at the Ritz-Carlton last year on vacation.
  6. Click Continue. If you're so clueless that you can't manage registering online by yourself, call a Pottery Barn Wedding Registry Specialist at 1-888-779-5176.
  7. Look over all the relevant info to make sure it's correct. Double-check your fiance's information and wedding dates to avoid potential wedding registry drama.
  8. Click confirm and continue. Skim Pottery Barn's Wedding Registry Guide for suggestions on what to buy and see lots of pictures of perfectly set up products. If you and your significant other don't have much household stuff accumulated between you or would like to start fresh, register for all the basics. That is, make a list of the things you have, and think and talk about things you need or want.
  9. Start adding individual products to your registry by clicking on "Add new items to your registry" or use one of Pottery Barn's Registry starting points (home Bar, anyone?).
  10. To add individual items, click on a category, such as "Furniture" and a subcategory such as "Living Room" and select an item (like that elegant leather recliner you've had your eye on). Put in the quantity you want of the item and click "Add to Registry."
  11. Make your own checklist, or use Pottery Barn's online checklist (which is pretty cool, it automatically checks things off for you as you register for them).
  12. Log out. Log in to your Pottery Barn Wedding Registry often to see what people have purchased for you and your significant other, but don't get obsessed when no one buys you your pricey easy chair (maybe you can talk your soccer team into going in on it as a group gift).
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