Potty Training Readiness Guide

There comes a point in every parent's life when it is time to pull out the Potty Training Readiness guide. Your child is getting older, diapers are becoming more and more unpleasant and you know something needs to change. In this case, both the parent and child are going to need to make some changes in order to get potty training going.

You will need:

  • A little potty or special potty seat with a step stool
  • Training pants
  • Something to clean the floors in case of an accident
  • Extra sheets and mattress covers for the bed
  1. Being prepared is the main point of the Potty Training Readiness Guide. The more time you spend preparing, the easier the process will be. Make sure before you even mention potty training to your child that you have all of the items listed above. You don't want to start going through the Potty Training Readiness Guide and then have to stop. It can be confusing for both child and parent.
  2. Have a conversation. The Potty Training Readiness Guide suggests that you need to tell your child how things are going to start changing. Always discuss it in a positive light and explain that this is part of growing up. Many parents rely on different picture books made specifically for children that explain what these changes are.
  3. Set up the new potty. You want to have the new potty already put together. If there is a room in your house outside of the bathroom with tile or linoleum floors that will be easier to clean, you may want to spend most of your time here. It makes it easier if accidents happen and for most kids, they are unavoidable.
  4. Present your child with the new training pants. Get rid of the diaper and put on the new pants. If you are worried about leaks, the Potty Training Readiness Guide suggests that you can put rubber underwear over the top to keep liquid from getting onto the floor or surrounding area.
  5. Let him or her play with their new potty by practicing. Help them remove and put back on the training pants as they practice. You don't want it to be a place to hang out and play. The bathroom should be designated as the place they are going to be going to the bathroom. You will most likely be spending a lot of time here.

The stage is set and the Potty Training Readiness Guide is in full effect ready to help you both survive potty training.



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