Power Balance Wristband Scam

The Power Balance wristband scam became a very controversial issue, tainted with claims involving misleading advertising. The product was launched in January of 2007 from Orange Country, California, and since then gained popularity among people in all walks of life. The following information will bring relevance to the claims of the Power Balance wristband scam. You have to decide on its legitimacy for yourself by reading on these facts.

The Claim. The manufacturer of Power Balance wristbands claims that it works by helping the body to maximize strength, improve flexibility and balance through the body’s natural energy. Holographic technology connects and controls the natural energy field of the body based on hologram therapy.

The Concept. The main idea behind the Power Balance wristband is to increase the body’s performance level. It is said that modern devices we usually use every day are believed to alter the flow of energy released by the body. Thus, the Power Balance wristband is the solution to reinstate the natural energy to its normal stage.

The Features. The Power Balance wristband is a made to last bracelet that has a two hologram discs entrenched on a stretchy, three-millimetre thick 100% surgical grade silicone that extends in your hand. It is well designed for comfort and comes in different colours and styles that you will love.

The Placebo. The effect of positive thinking and the belief from the Power Balance wristband is the reason for reaching the optimum performance of the body’s energy level is believed to have the biggest impact on consumers, rather than any physiological reasons.

The Scam. The issue of the Power Balance wristband scam surfaced when the Chairman of Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) confirms that Power Balance wristband is really a scam. The ground of this claim is based on the fact that the maker of the product admits that there is no realistic scientific proof that will support their claims and they engaged in deceptive conduct in breach of the Trade Practices Act of 1974.

No absolute scientific conclusion. While many people claim that Power Balance wristband scam is not true since the product seems to work out well for them, the issue of the Power Balance wristband scam will always linger in the absence of any confirmed scientific research to support what the manufacturer claims.



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