Power Hour Drinking Game Rules

 The Power Hour drinking game has many different versions. The basic Power Hour drinking game is pretty simple. But, due to the amount of alcohol consumed, not everyone can finish the game.

To play the basic Power Hour drinking game you will need:

  • Shot Glasses
  • Beer, cider, or another drink with a lower alcohol content.
  • One hour timer

If you want to try a Power Hour drinking game variation you may need one or more of these:

  • Music CD with 1 minute tracks of songs, or a designated DJ to change songs every minute.
  • Sports game
  • Hard liquor

Playing the Power Hour drinking Game:

  1. Set the timer for an hour. It is good to have a secondary timer for each minute, or watch a clock. The reason for the timer is that after a while no one will know how much time is left.
  2. At the beginning of every minute each player takes a shot of their alcohol.
  3. As play continues, people can retire from play when they no longer feel capable of participating.
  4. When the hour is over, everyone that has made it through the Power Hour drinking game is considered a winner.

Power Hour Drinking Game Variations

There are many variations that might also be fun for your group. In some versions every tenth shot is hard liquor. A hard liquor Power Hour is also possible, but instead of drinking every minute the shots are every ten minutes. Drinking any more liquor than that can be hazardous.

Century club is another adaptation of the Power Hour drinking game. It needs the same gear, but goes on for 100 minutes rather than an hour. This version is best adapted for play while watching football games or a musical Power Hour party. Other sports work as well, as long as the game lasts longer than 100 minutes and they display a game clock.

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