Power Hour Drinking Game

The Power Hour drinking game is very simple to play. But, winning the Power Hour drinking game is much more difficult. The Power Hour drinking game requires that you have the ability to throw down a truck load of booze in a rather short time span. Of course, the booze you choose directly correlates with the difficulty of the Power Hour drinking game. If you and your friends have never played the power hour drinking game, you might want to start out using a weaker alcoholic choice. However, if you think you're a big dog, and your buddies are howling at the moon as well, get some hard liquor and see how long you last.

What you need:

  •  A stop watch
  • Your choice of alcoholic beverage (stick to beer or wine coolers if you're new to this)
  • Shot glasses; one for each player.
  1. Time keeper. You need someone to be a designated time keeper while playing the power hour drinking game. You can't allow this unlucky guy or girl to drink because of the importance of keeping time in this game. So make sure the person chosen to play time keeper stays sober.
  2. The game. It's rather simple. Start out by taking a shot of beer. The time keeper immediately starts the clock. Every 60 seconds, you take another shot of beer. The time keeper basically tells you when to down your drink. So after taking your shot, immediately refill your shot glass. This way, you'll be ready when you're prompted to drink again.
  3. The Power Hour. The game is called power hour drinking game for a reason. You have to play for an hour. That means 60 shots in an hour. Wow! Now you understand why you should use a weaker alcoholic beverage.
  4. Winners and losers. No one's going to make it to 60 shots. The winner is the guy that can last the longest by taking the most shots. The loser's are the guys that chicken out the fastest. Have fun, Don' drink and drive. And be safe.
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