Power Steering Problems

There are many power steering problems that can happen to your vehicle. It can range from something simple to a more complex power steering problem. Although each car can be quite different the basic power steering problems are the same. Power steering problems can not only be noisy and ignore they can make steering much harder and even dangerous if the steering goes out all at once.

  1. Leaking Power Steering Lines. Power steering problems often begin with leaking power steering lines. Lines can become old and begin to rust if they are metal. The rubber power steering lines can begin to dry rot and develop holes over time.
  2. Power Steering Pump. Power steering pumps can go bad. They generally begin by making noises that get louder and louder until they stop working completely. The noise can range from a soft whine to a growling or howling noise. The noise will increase when turning the wheel to the left or right.
  3. Belt, Tensioner and Pulley Problems. Power steering belts can stretch causing slack. This can cause the belt to slip off of the pulley. Power steering belts can also crack and dry rot from age and wear and tear. Power Steering belt tensioners and pulleys can also wear overtime. Normal wear and tear of the vehicle can make the moving parts of a power steering system wear out over time.

Proper maintenance will help your power steering system last long without any major problems. Lines and belts should be replaced at the first signs of dry rot or wearing. Power steering fluid can leak from small holes in the lines and cause air pockets in the system.  



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