Pranks To Pull On Friends

It's great to have an arsenal of funny pranks to pull on friends. What are friends for, anyway? Turn your friends into sources of amusement with the following tried and tested pranks. 

  1. Split Pants Simulator Prank. Get yourself a strip of Velcro. When your friend gets up from a chair, pull the Velcro apart. If you're in the right location and do it inconspicuously, your friend will think he tore his pants. 
  2. Deja Vu Simulator Prank. This prank works if your friend reads the newspaper daily. Find out when the newspaper gets delivered, then be ready to insert the previous day's newspaper into the cover of the new one. Be sure to scrap the previous day's cover so that page 3 is page 3. Your friend will think he's going nuts when he flips through yesterday's news. This funny prank only works if your friend actually read yesterday's news. 
  3. Chocolate Surprise Prank. Buy a batch of baker's chocolate. This is the really bitter stuff without sugar. Make sure each piece has a wrapper like a normal chocolate bar. Buy another super high quality chocolate bar with the same size wrapper and slip its wrapper onto the baker's chocolate. Give it to your friend as a gift. This is one of the funniest pranks to pull on friends because the look on his face is guaranteed to be priceless. 
  4. Hot Sauce Toilet Prank. Obtain a packet of hot sauce for this prank. The hotter the better. Open the packet slightly and place it under the toilet seat near the tank. Make sure that the opening is pointing toward your friend's butt. 
  5. Magic Bowl of Water Prank. Obtain a long stick that you can reach the ceiling with and a bowl filled with water. Announce to your friend that you have a magic bowl of water. You will make the bowl of water disappear. Hand the stick to your friend. Stand up on a chair and press the mouth of the bowl of water to the ceiling. Grab the end of your friend's stick and press it into the bottom of the bowl. Instruct your friend to keep pressing the bowl into the ceiling. Instead of making the bowl disappear, you disappear. You won't see the look on your friend's face when he gets soaked, but this is still one of the funnier pranks to pull on friends. 
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