Priapism Definition

This article will explain priapisms definition. If you are a man who has suffered from a priapism or you are a man who is simply interested in learning what one is, this article is for you. Every man both young and old should know a thing or two about priapism in case he ever happens to get one. It is important that a man be aware of what priapism is because if it is not promptly relieved, priapism can lead to permanent scarring of the penis and the inability to have a normal erection.

So, what exactly is a priapism? Well, a priapism is a rare condition that causes a persistent and often painful erection of the penis in the absence of sexual desire or stimulation. It occurs most commonly in young males. Priapism is drug induced, injury related, or caused by disease. With priapism, just as in any normal erection, the penis fills with blood and becomes erect. But unlike a normal erection that goes away after sexual activity comes to an end, the persistent erection caused by priapism is maintained because the blood in the penile shaft does not drain. It remains hard while the head of the penis is soft. The symptoms that might occur with priapism include penile pain and the inability to urinate. If a man shows these symptoms and is concerned he may have a priapism he will need a physical examination to diagnose if he has one or not. Further testing may need to be done; further testing including nuclear scanning or Doppler ultrasound will help diagnose the underlying cause of the priapism. Treatment for priapism might include compression of the penis, oral medications, medication injections, nonsterodial anti-inflammatory medications for pain, narcotic pain medications, and surgery.

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