Price Is Right Models

"Price Is Right" models are known for their poise and outstanding beauty. As they showcase items that participants can win, its almost too difficult to focus on the price. These models have a wholesome look, but most importantly a gorgeous smile.

  1. Gwen Osborne. "Price Is Right" gets a cultural flare with Gwen Osborne as one of their models. She is quite the British bombshell. Her legs are long and sexy and is perfect at modeling some of the best prizes. She is a silent model, but she should be able to show off her beautiful accent.
  2. Manuela Arbelaez. She is one sexy Latina on "Price Is Right." This model is full of spice as she shows off in her bikini. Manuela is a crowd favorite and viewers can't seem to get enough. Her beautiful skin shimmers on the show and is nothing short of flawless.
  3. Rachel Reynolds. Rachel is an experienced model with a vast background. Whether she is wearing a bikini or a ball gown, she is always looking stunning. She is also featured in the Venus swimsuit catalog looking as beautiful as ever. "Price Is Right" is certainly lucky to have such a reputable model as Rachel to be joining their forces.
  4. Amber Lancasters. She looks absolutely beautiful on the "Price Is Right." Her amazing blonde hair flows in curly locks and shines in the bright lights of the show. She is another model that has plenty of experience. She is known for showing plenty of skin in her amazing bikini photo shoots.



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