Private Flying Lessons: How To Prepare

Starting student pilots have a lot to learn, knowing about private flying lessons and how to prepare for them makes the learning a lot easier. Student pilots who are not prepared waste time and money.

  1. Always keep gear ready to go in a flight bag. When you are done with your gear after the lesson, put it back in the flight bag. Student pilots have a number of items to keep track of and this keeps it in an easy to find location.
  2. Read the textbooks associated with the upcoming lesson. The text covers exactly what you will be doing in the lesson. Write down any questions that you have after reading the text so you can ask the flight instructor at the next lesson.
  3. Wear comfortable clothing. During the summer or winter, wear appropriate clothes for your lesson. During the summer, bring along a golf towel because it will be very hot on the ramp as you do a pre-flight check of the aircraft.
  4. Always bring sunglasses. Eye protection is very important, and sunglasses help you spot other aircraft when flying. Do not use polarized lenses as they can cause problems viewing some aircraft instruments.
  5. Bring some water in a bottle. You will get thirsty during the summer, and you need to drink some fluids to stay fresh.
  6. Use the bathroom before you go up in the plane. Nothing is worse than having to go to the bathroom while you are a few thousand feet up in the air away from the closest bathroom.
  7. Check any battery operated gear, like noise reducing headsets, before going up. Always bring along extra batteries for all equipment.
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