Pro Wrestling Moves

There are hundreds of pro wrestling moves used in the sport, but a few stand out as the absolute basics. With these ten moves, any wrestler can chain together a serviceable match. They may not be the flashiest, they may not be the greatest, but they are ten indispensable moves in any wrestler's arsenal. Next time you watch a match, try to figure out how many times these basic pro wrestling moves are used.

  1. Irish Whip. The Irish Whip is one of those pro wrestling moves that seems to barely qualify as a "move".  It is actually more of a control maneuver, allowing the aggressor to send the opponent running. This can provide the necessary momentum for a number of more impressive moves.
  2. Clothesline. This is the traditional follow up to an Irish Whip. By holding an arm out towards a moving opponent, the aggressor can send them quickly to the ground. The more exciting variant is the lariat, in which the aggressor runs towards the opponent and hooks an arm around the opponent's neck to bring them to the ground.
  3. Body Slam. Once upon a time, the body slam was a rare pro wrestling move. Today, it a staple. At its most basic, it simply involves picking up an opponent and "slamming" them into the ground. Popular variations include the press slam and the rolling slam.
  4. Headlock.  This move is the most ubiquitous rest move in the sport, and most wrestlers use it once or twice a match. By grasping the opponent's head and throat, it gives both performers time to rest between higher impact moves.
  5. Hip Toss. A compete basic, it simply consists of grabbing a wrestler by the hip and tossing them.  It is a great way to set up bigger maneuvers, though it seems to be losing some of its popularity these days. Still, many older wrestlers will use this move from time to time.
  6. Splash. All a splash requires is leaving one's feet and landing stomach to stomach with another wrestler. Superfly Jimmy Snuka popularized the use of this move from the top rope, and many have followed in his footsteps.  Moves such as the Frogsplash and the Shooting Star Press are variations on the same theme.
  7. Armbar. Another basic wrestling move, this one simply involves gaining control of an opponent's extended arm. As a pro wrestling move, it is not terribly exciting, but it does function as a good rest break. A few wrestlers have used a variation on the move as a submission finisher.
  8. Leg Sweep. Sweeping the leg is a great way to put an opponent on the ground.  There is rarely anything complicated involved, but there are exciting variations.  Few are used as pinning moves, but some are used as a transition into mat work.
  9. Suplex. A move derived from Greco-Roman wrestling, this pro wrestling move involves picking up an opponent and falling backwards. There are many, many popular variations on the theme. Moves like the Fisherman's Suplex and the Rolling Suplex have been used as finishers over the years.
  10. Piledriver. Once upon a time, this basic wrestling move was a finisher. In many cases, the variations still are. While the basic move involves dropping an opponent on his head, variants such as the Tombstone piledriver, Cross piledriver, and dozens of others increase the visual appeal.
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