Pro Wrestling Training Tips

Anyone who wants to break into WWE, TNA or the business of sports entertainment in general should obtain these pro wrestling training tips. Aspiring wrestlers should strive to keep their bodies in the best shape and be in good health. During training, there are specific tricks you must know to become a truly great wrestler.

  1. When a striking maneuver is performed on an opponent, do it quickly. It should occur suddenly to surprise your opponent. Also, be sure to hit an opponent hard and exaggerate the move to make it more convincing. This is one of the most basic pro wrestling training tips.
  2. Make it look convincing when you are put in a chokehold. Appear to be struggling to catch your breath to sell for your opponent and squirm around as though trying to break out of the hold. This particular tip is useful for the wrestler who is portraying the good guy character, also known as the babyface. During wrestling training, athletes learn how to do this just as often as they learn the proper way to fall to the canvas.
  3. If stomping on your opponent, be sure to jump using both feet rather than just one. The goal is to make it appear as though you are stomping on the other wrestler, though you don't want to seriously hurt him or her. Training tips will show wrestlers how to properly do this. The use of your free foot is to create a loud thud sound on the canvas to make the maneuver more convincing. During pro wrestling training, rookies might consider watching videos of WWE superstar Randy Orton, who is one of the best at performing this move.
  4. If one wrestler attacks one particular body part, the individual being attacked should sell the injury throughout the match. Feigning injury to the appendage makes the opponent look strong and menacing and fans are convinced that the injury is real. This tactic is used every day in the WWE and is vital in early wrestling training.
  5. Keep your arm straight when performing a clothesline. Hitting an opponent with an even slightly bent arm while executing such a move will not look convincing in that you have less strength in the arm when it is bent.
  6. Another key wrestling training tip is to follow-through on a movement. If your opponent falls when you hit him or her, follow-through by keeping your arm in a fluid swinging motion so it looks strong enough for your opponent's reaction.
  7. When performing a high-flying maneuver from the rope, do not land feet first. During wrestling training, you will learn to land properly so no one will get injured.
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