Procrastination Definition

The procrastination definition entails the avoidance of doing or completing a task that needs to be done. The phrase "putting off until tomorrow what can be done today" accurately describes the procrastination definition. Many people believe procrastination only refers to work tasks, but this isn't so. Procrastination can occur in many areas of life as well. Although procrastinating feels right in the moment, afterwards many people often experience guilt, stress, depression and self-disgust.

Procrastination isn't always intentional. There are numerous reasons why a person may procrastinate, such as poor time management skills. Some people procrastinate because of the inability to prioritize tasks or because they feel overwhelmed by the tasks they must complete. Anxiety over certain tasks and difficulty concentrating can lead to procrastination. Confusion over the task at hand or feeling as though you're inadequate to meet the tasks standards can cause procrastination as well. Some people procrastinate due to fear of success, and even perfectionism. If a person is bored by the task they are more likely to procrastinate, or if they have negative feelings towards the task. Poor problem solving skills can lead to it also.

Procrastinating can be overcome, however. The key to overcoming procrastination is to develop better time management and organizational skills. You must also understand why you procrastinate and put an effort in place to overcome that obstacle. Find methods that help you make better use of your time. In some cases, counseling may be beneficial.

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