Professional Billiards Secrets

Use these professional billiards secrets to be a better pool player. To become a great pool or billiards player, practice is vital, but there are also other tips and professional billiards secrets that you can use to make your game its best. Some of the secrets may be new to you, and some of the secrets may be basics that you have heard before but don't realize are still of importance to play your best game.

To learn about professional billiards secretes, you will need:

  • Chalk
  • Mental checklist during the game
  • Exercise routine
  • Practice
  1. Breathe. Keep breathing, especially when under pressure. When anyone is under pressure or nervous, they tend to hold their breath. If you keep breathing, you will take in more oxygen and be able to think more clearly. Before a shot, take several deep breaths to increase the oxygen level to your brain. This should be number one on your mental checklist to keep in mind during each game.
  2. Chalk the cue. Before each new shot, be sure to chalk the cue tip.
  3. Exercise. Stay in good physical shape by exercising three times a week. This will help with your game by being limber and flexible.
  4. Line up each shot. Another item for the mental checklist is to remember to take your time and line up each shot. Don't get cocky and think you can step up and do a good job without lining up the shot and looking at it from several angles, if needed.
  5. Keep your everything still that does not need to move to make the shot. By standing still with your head still, you will have more control of your shot. The only things to move is your arm to make the shot. You have more control by keeping your head and body still.
  6. Place the cue ball at an angle. When you have the option to place the cue ball on the table, don't shoot it straight, but place it an angle to shoot.
  7. Watch the game. When it is your opponent's turn, watch their plays. Knowing the table set up will help you know how to make your shot.
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