Professional Wrestling Gear For Pros

Professional wrestling gear for pros is required when competing in professional wrestling matches. Additionally, each piece of gear serves a specific purpose to keep both wrestlers safe throughout the match and to make the various wrestling moves possible. As a wrestling pro, you will need to acquire all of the wrestling gear needed to compete.

  1. Head Gear. The head gear in wrestling is mostly used to protect your ears. Repeated blows and pressure on your ears from various professional wrestling moves can cause major damage. The head gear should be strapped around your head and the main cushioning should be right over your ears. In addition to ear protection, professional wrestling head gear also protects the soft, vulnerable area of the temples.
  2. Mouthpiece. A mouthpiece is used to protect the delicate areas inside your mouth and to prevent major injuries. The mouthpiece for a professional wrestler should not be generic. It should be specially formed to fit inside your mouth. This will offer maximum protection during a match.
  3. Wrestling Shoes. The type of shoes worn by professional wrestlers during matches are unlike any other kinds of athletic shoes. they are lighter and thinner with more give than other types of shoes. When you obtain your wrestling shoes, you should wear them when working out and practicing, as well as during wrestling matches.
  4. Knee Pads. Knee pads are required to execute many different wrestling moves. Without them, you would have very little traction on the mat and you could end up with some bruising and skin injuries. Knee pads are also a requirement for professional wrestlers.
  5. Athletic Cup. An athletic cup is required to protect the groin area of professional wrestlers. While blatant attacks to this area are strictly prohibited in pro wrestling, the occasional accident may happen. When it doesn’t, you’ll want to be well protected.
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