Professional Wrestling Moves For Beginners

In professional wrestling, you're sure to see many intricate moves performed, but what about wrestling moves for beginners? Often, even the most talented wrestlers in the WWE and TNA will utilize the most basic of moves in their repertoire. Several of these moves will be listed and discussed below.

  1. Clothesline. This is a very basic wrestling move that rookies will learn when they start their training. When the wrestler and/or his opponent is coming off the ropes, the individual strikes their opponent across the chest with their arm. The arm should be straight, not bent, and should knock the other wrestler down to the mat.
  2. Fireman's Carry. This professional wrestling move is also taught to beginners. It requires the wrestler to pick up the opponent in both arms and then hoist the individual up and across his shoulders.
  3. Side Headlock. Another beginner's move, this maneuver is performed when a wrestler wraps an arm around their opponent's neck and places their head underneath their arm.
  4. Hammerlock. Another basic beginner's wrestling move, the wrestler can do this move by grasping their opponent's arm. The wrestler will then twist it behind the individual's back and apply pressure.
  5. Arm Drag. Although this appears to be a more advanced wrestling move, the arm drag is taught to beginners early on. A wrestler can perform is when an opponent comes running toward them. They then lock their arm around the other individual and flip him over so he lands on their back on the mat.
  6. Bodyslam. This professional wrestling move is standard for beginners learning the sport. A wrestler lifts his opponent into their arms with them facing them, raises his opponent up slightly and then slams him on his back to the mat.
  7. Suplex. A basic suplex is another beginner wrestling move. A wrestler, while facing their opponent, hooks an arm around the other person's neck and grabs at the opposite hip. The wrestler then raises the opponent up into the air and falls back, landing the individual on their back.
  8. Legdrop. This is a simple move that any beginning wrestler could do. A wrestler jumps up with both legs extended straight out at a 90 degree angle and lands on his opponent's chest.
  9. Waistlock. This wrestling move takes place when two wrestlers lock up and one of them slides behind their opponent, locking arms around the individual's waist. 
  10. Full Nelson. A wrestler locks their opponent's arms behind their head from behind the individual. Their fingers will interlock behind the other wrestler's head. This move can appear complicated but is taught to beginners.
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