Proper Bowling Form

Proper bowling form depends on your style of delivery and comfort level. However, for beginners there are some very basic form techniques that you should keep in mind. For this article proper form for beginning bowling will be outlined. These steps will help you in delivering the bowling ball properly and help you from being injured due to improper form or technique.

  1. Your strategy going in should be to properly approach and deliver the bowling ball to get the best results. A faster ball does not mean a better ball. Neither does a sweeping curve or delivering the bowling ball half way down the alley in the air (called a lift). Your target form should be fluid and comfortable.
  2. To begin, always use all three holes in the bowling ball, thumb, middle and index finger (of course is you need to make adjustments based on physical attributes then do so). The bowling ball should rest in the palm of your hand with the opposite hand used to steady the ball. Depending on comfort level you can place the ball higher up so that it is resting in front of your chin or lower at the hip.
  3. As you take your first step towards the lane the bowling ball should be making a motion outward and then back as your steps progress. Standard form dictates four steps from start to the foul line but never over. If you are a right handed bowler then your left foot should reach the foul line when you are ready to release the ball, visa versa for a left handed bowler.  At the third step your bowling ball should be at the apex of its backward trajectory. In most cases this will be behind you at shoulder or higher levels.
  4. As you slide into your last step the bowling ball will come forward. The ball should still be palmed and the palm facing the pins. The release should be onto the lane near the ankle and just over the foul line in a gentle and fluid motion. Your non-plant leg should swing out behind you and your arm should follow through the release of the bowling ball and your hand will end up over your head.
  5. This standard and proper form is a great starting point for bowlers. As you grow in comfort you can add in a twist of the hand to add curve to the ball. This basic delivery process is widely used and taught to beginner bowlers to get them in line with delivering the bowling ball in a safe and proper manner.
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